Benign Hematology Curriculum

The Benign Hematology Curriculum (BHC) is a series of free, web-based videos designed to supplement education in benign hematology for fellows. Each course focuses on a different benign hematology topic, with the goal of providing fellows with an educational resource that might not be available locally.

The Benign Hematology Curriculum is a work in progress and will be continuously updated as modules are completed.

Sickle Cell Disease Course

Hemoglobin Structure and Function

This video explores the structure and function of hemoglobin.

The Oxygen-Hemoglobin Dissociation Curve

This video explores the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve and hemoglobin conformational changes with oxygen tension.

Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell, Part 1

This video explores how the latest pathophysiology of sickle cell disease has improved our understanding of the disease process.

Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell, Part 2

In the Pathophysiology Part 1 module, we concentrated on classic vaso-occlusion. Here, we will examine the effects of hemolysis.

Questions, Comments, or Suggestions?

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